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Horse Anatomy

From: www.horse-diseases.com/horseanatomy.html


Did You Know?

Donna Snyder-Smith gives you an understandable map for mastering the foundation building blocks of communication and training of your horse. Understand PRECISELY where you are going BEFORE you start your journey, and you'll spend less time and money being "lost" along the all too common "dead end roads" within the equestrian industry.

That most horses have poor posture when ridden?

Do you know that poor posture undermines
1) Safety?
2) Soundness?
3) Control?
4) Comfort?
5) Performance?

Do you know the natural aides?
1) Seat
2) Weight
3) Legs
4) Hands
5) Voice

Do you know when you train a horse, you are using your aids to:
Control speed and direction
-- BUT YOU MUST ALSO direct the horse's selection of the muscle groups it uses to animate its skeleton, to influence its "carriage" or posture?

Do you know horses are "trained" when their response to the rider's aids is consistent (habitual)?

Do you know successful training makes the desired response stronger than an emotional choice?

Do you know if you can't control the horse emotionally, you don't own the horse physically?

Do you know when you can shape (not just confine) the horse physically, you can control their emotional energy?

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