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UK: Taking the Wheel

I haven't yet had the pleasure of visiting the UK.  However, I did live for a year in Australia and not once did I attempt to drive a vehicle- unless you consider the trail riding I did on several occasions!
Remembering to look the correct way before crossing the street as a pedestrian was hard enough for me, never mind steering a car on the 'wrong' side of the road and deciphering unfamiliar traffic & street signs! Although I must say, my favorite street sign by far was the "Kangaroo Crossing".

Unlike my own prejudices however (or fears?), many travelers love the freedom and convenience of taking their vacation into their own hands- by the steering wheel of course! A rental car allows you to go where you want, when you want and with who you want- I admit I have had some less than stellar seat buddies on some crowded trains/buses, but in all fairness, I have met some fantastic randoms as well! In a rental car, you can control your own private climate and listen to the music you want...well, if you can find it on the foreign radio stations!

Rick Stevens, author of many European travel guidebooks, has penned an interesting article for CNN.com with some helpful guidelines for the traveler heading to Great Britain or Ireland, who is willing to take the reins (oops, I mean wheel!) of their holiday transportation.

Click here to read Steven's Go Left: Driving in Great Britain and Ireland.

-Lauren Sorel, Hidden Trails Employee
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