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Cappadocia Ride

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Arrival at Kayseri airport with the 19:40 Turkish Airlines TK2018 flight. You are met by our chauffeur and transferred in 50 mn to your accommodation in Urgüp, central Cappadocia, where you have dinner with your guide.
Monday: "Ortahisar" :
After getting acquainted with your horse and riding equipment, you leave in the morning to explore the scenic green valleys of Yatak and Pancarlik. Your sure-footed horse takes you safely along the rocky paths carved by generations of muleteers. You pass ancient troglodytic churches off the beaten track, then follow the stream towards the village of Ortahisar. You stop for lunch at a traditional guesthouse overlooking the canyons or, in summer, at a hotel with a swimming pool. In the afternoon, you launch into a long canter on a sandy track leading you to the churches of Gomeda. You ride along a spectacular cliff on your way back to the ranch, stopping en route to admire the panorama over south Cappadocia. Short transfer back to your guesthouse in Urgüp.
Tuesday : " Mustafapasa "
The day begins through the lush canyon of Uzengi, where abrupt rock walls shelter troglodytic citadels of dovecotes. You ride through the fairy chimneys of Gümüslü valley and then canter towards the valley of Tartali. You pass through the valley’s natural rock arches and narrow rock corridors to reach the village of Mustafapasa for lunch. You may stroll among the village’s old Greek mansions, or relax by the restaurant’s swimming pool. In the afternoon, the landscape changes radically as you ride across Avlak mountain. Here, large expanses of bare lands resemble the Mongolian steppes; there, rocky hills could provide the perfect background to a Western movie. You return to the ranch in the evening light, through small woods and green gardens. Short transfer back to your guesthouse in Urgüp.
Wednesday: "Uchisar"
Today’s itinerary takes you to the beautiful valleys of north Cappadocia, and to the village of Uchisar. You trot and canter through vineyards and orchards and over rolling hills of white tuffa to reach Ibrahimpasa. From this picturesque village, you start ascending the ‘twin hills' of Cappadocia. A nice canter at the top takes you to a panoramic viewpoint encompassing northern Cappadocia and the towering rock fortress of Uchisar. As you ride towards the village, you can admire the multi coloured rock formations of the famous Pigeon Valley, and Uchisar’s picturesque fairy chimneys. Your reach your villa accommodation on horseback and enjoy a late lunch on the terrace. You may spend the rest of the day exploring the village, resting by the swimming pool of a nearby hotel, or hiking to the churches of Göreme’s Open Air Museum through the Pigeon Valley.
Thursday: “ The Green Valley”
You ride out from the villa, sneaking your way through the rock tunnels, arches and small woods of the spectacular, 4 km-long canyon called the Green Valley. Later, the landscape opens up on a magnificent panorama over the Bozdaga mountain. You make a detour through the famous Love Valley and its gigantic phallic rock formations, before entering the village of Göreme, where you stop for lunch by the swimming pool. In the afternoon, you ride on top of panoramic crests, then trot and canter on tracks of white tuffa, surrounded by the rocky hills of north Cappadocia. The winding paths of the green Shepherd’s valley take you back to your villa in Uchisar, in time to admire central Cappadocia at sunset.
Friday: “The Red Valley”
Leaving the villa on horseback, you enter another beautiful canyon called the White Valley. You sneak your way through arches, rocky labyrinths and lush vegetation, then ride onto the majestic Red Valley, also called the Valley of the Roses. With its cidatels of red, pink and ocre rock, this is Cappadocia's most spectacular ensemble of mineral formations. You stop to visit the cave churches nested into the rock walls, then stop for lunch at an ancient troglodytic monastery. After a siesta on the restaurant's comfortable terrace, you leave the tortuous paths behind to enjoy a long gallop on a sandy track lined with tree. You cross the Valley of Pancarlik and its multicoloured fairy chimneys, and you arrive at the ranch in the late afternoon. Short transfer to your guesthouse in Ürgüp.
Saturday : optional 6th riding day : "Bahceli":
Today’s itinerary takes you to the remote villages of Ayvali and Bahceli, in the far south of Capppadocia. Here, ancient traditions are still alive and people still tend their gardens with horses and donkeys. You ride through the wide-open, steppe-like landscape surrounding lake Damsa, enjoying canters on tracks of soft red clay, surrounded by the table-mountains of south Cappadocia. You enter the village of Ayvali through a hidden canyon, and stop for lunch at a restaurant nested in the rock. In the afternoon, the canyon takes you further down to the ancient troglodytic quarters of Bahceli. You ride through a maze of paths lined with orchards and vineyards, then launch into a long canter on the large dust tracks taking you back to the ranch. Short transfer back to your guesthouse in Urgüp.
. optional activities
- Hot-air balloon flight - at sunrise, travel with the wind over Cappadocia's spectacular landscape. The experience of a lifetime !
- Visit of Göreme Open Air Museum - the region's greatest concentration of frescoed churches, with some dating back to the 4th century
- Excursion to the underground cities - used as shelters during wartime, the larger cities descend to 8 levels below ground level and feature series of rooms, stairs and tunnels.
- Visit of the ancient troglodytic village of Zelve and of Sarihan caravanserai, a carefully renovated 12th century Seljoukide fortress on the ancient Silk Road.
- Ceremony of the Whirling-Derviches - night representation at the Sarihan caravanserai
- Excursion to the valley of Ilhara - at the foot of Hasan Dagi volcano, this long, lush canyon shelters several churches
- Excursion to the valley of Soganli - off the beaten tracks, churches and dovecotes unique in Cappadocia
- Mountain bike; motor rides (jeep, scooter, ATV)
- Cross golf - forget the green, Cappadocia's landscape provides the perfect playground for this new approach to golf
- Visit to local craftshops and workshops: carpets, kilims, pottery, jewels.
After breakfast, departure to Kayseri airport at 07:30 for your 09:40 TK2011 flight to Istanbul.

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Cappadocia Cross Country Ride
Tour Code: IT-TKIR01
8 days / 7 nights ~$1,755.00
Dates: April to Oct

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Difficulty : Riding Level (Click for legend) Lodging: Standard
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Relaxed Trail Details
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Tack: McClellan light trailing saddles with ...
Horses: Arab and cross-Arab mares
Pace: Mostly at a walk, with opportunities f...
Walk, Trot, Canter,
Airport: Kayseri
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Riding Level Explained
A Beginner
Beginner A rider who has limited experience, is unable to post the trot and does not canter.
B Novice
Novice A rider who is capable of mounting and dismounting unassisted, capable of applying basic aids, comfortable and in control at the walk, moderate length posting trots, and short canters.
C Intermediate
Intermediate A rider who has a firm seat, is confident and in control at all paces (including posting trots, two point canters and gallops), but does not ride regularly.
D Strong Intermediate
Strong Intermediate An intermediate rider who is currently riding regularly and is comfortable in the saddle for at least 6 hours per day.
E Advanced
All of the above, plus an independent seat, soft hands, and capable of handling a spirited horse in open country.
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