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Horseback riding vacations in Bulgaria

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Equestrian tours in Bulgaria

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Our equestrian tours in Bulgaria

Horseback riding vacations in Bulgaria

Horse riding vacations in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is Old Europe, with twisty cobblestone streets and tile-roofed houses, remnants of Roman amphitheaters, Crusader bastions, and medieval monasteries.  Hidden Trails has compiled a selection of Bulgarian horse riding vacations that truly epitomize this eastern European country.

Bulgaria is located in southeastern Europe and borders Romania, Turkey, Greece, Serbia and Montenegro and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.  It once encompassed the lands of the Ancient Thracians, and has strong links to the Roman Empire - making it a fascinating area to explore on horseback.

Horse Riding in Bulgaria

The Balkan Mountains cross the country and reach the edge of the Black Sea.  Horse riding opportunities are endless in the Balkans.  Our “Nature & Culture” horseback vacation even introduces you to local traditions, ancient monasteries and rural villages. 

Bulgaria is known to insiders as a land of roses, of fascinating traditions and history, friendly people, superb wine, excellent country cooking and outstanding scenery. Pristine forests, crystal-clear rivers and lakes beckon the visitor, as does an abundant wildlife, including wolves and bears with plenty of space to roam.   

Bulgaria Climate and Weather

Bulgaria has a temperate climate with cold winters and hot summers (rainy at first and dry during the second half). The Black Sea coast has a milder climate than the rest of the country, but strong winds and violent local storms occur frequently during the winter. Northern Bulgaria experiences colder temperatures and receives more rain than the southern lowlands.

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