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Rides in Belize

  Intro to Belize

Trip in Belize


Costa Rica


Trailblazer Jungle Ride

Non Riders Activities

At the lodge you will find:
  • Roaming, grazing or relaxing horses
  • Over 240 species of birds spotted and identified
  • Orchadia with over 50 different varieties of orchids and bromeliads
  • Remnants of the Mayan civilization - unexcavated house mounds & temples
  • Substantial collection of artifacts 
  • Two story birding observation tower overlooking lagoon
  • Beautiful swimming pool in a gorgeous jungle setting
  • Internet and wireless connection available in Chateau Brio or front desk area
  • Swimming pool
  • Great family environment (kids love it here and don't want to leave)
  • An assortment of delightful native animals & birds right on the premises
  • Star gazing with a Hi-tech computerized 16" Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope (see planets, nebula, galaxies, super novas, globular clusters, and more)
  • Carolyn Carr's studio and gallery (you may find her working on an oil painting)
  • A solid team of cooks, housekeepers, gardeners, wranglers, drivers and guides who will help make your stay memorable

Weekly activities

River Tubing, or River Boat Trip -
Up to 1 ½ hrs 
Meander down the Belize River with our Tour Guide pointing out Plants and Wildlife in their natural habitat. Birds, Iguanas, Otters, Howler Monkeys may be sited.

Inland Blue Hole & St Hermans Cave (min of 2 participants) - Half Day Tour
Beautiful Jungle Walk to St. Herman's cave. Flash/head light provided. Great trip for Birders and Naturalists. Finish the tour with a swim in the pristine limestone aqua Blue Hole.
Picnic lunch included.

Tikal (min of 3 participants) - Full Day Tour
Early Breakfast prepares you for a must see trip to visit the Temples at Tikal in Guatemala. Your English speaking guide will lead you through the 5 major temples built around 700AD.
Lunch and all border fees included. 
Note: tour for 2 persons may be arranged at 3 persons rate.

Caracol (min of 3 participants) - Full Day Tour
Join your guide into the incredible history of the Maya in Belize. Caracol is embedded in the lush jungles of the Mountain Pine Ridge. You will learn of CAANA (Sky House) and the important role of it's king - Lord Can ll. Caracol is credited with the conquest of Tikal and Naranjo in AD562.
Tour includes lunch, guide, & entry fee.
Note: tour for 2 persons may be arranged at 3 persons rate.

Crystal Cave Tubing (min of 2 participants) - Full Day or Half Day Tour
Tubing along underground waterways, cave walls glistening, showing off their crystal formations. The Mayans used these caves a thousand years ago and fascinating artifacts remain. You will be in awe at stalactites, stalagmites, the very immensity of the cave itself.
This adventurous tour will take you through lush rainforest to explore 5 magnificent caves. The Jungle trailer will transport your group to Yaha Creek to start the trek. Formerly a logwood harvesting area, this forest is now a reserve full of the jungle flora and fauna of Belize. You'll tube through bright daylight and into caves as dark as night, then emerge into Indian Creek for a relaxing ride under the overarching trees. The scenes and sounds of nature will accompany you back to the resort where you can enjoy a refreshing swim. Then a sumptuous picnic lunch awaits. This is cave tubing at its finest and an adventure of a lifetime!
Lifejackets, tubes, headlamp and swim shoes are provided.

Zip - Lining & Half-day Cave Tubing Combo (min of 2 participants) - Full Day Tour
This is a fun-packed day and great way to experience the jungle and caves if your time is short on the mainland.
Lunch is included.

Zip - Lining (min of 2 participants) - Half Day Tour 
Aerial Trek Canopy Tour offers the adventurous spirit an exhilarating opportunity to soar through the jungle, high above the broadleaf Caving forest floor. The canopy tour involves traversing from one platform to another along a steel cable suspended up to 80 feet above the ground.

Belize Zoo (min of 2 participants) - Half Day Tour 
See Kinkajous, Tapirs, Jabiru Stork, and many other exotic native animals of Belize.

Cayo West Tour (min of 2 participants) - Full Day or Half Day Tour 
The day starts with a visit to either Xunantunich, Cahal Pech or Che Chem Ha. Each of these are unique sites and it will be hard to choose but all are equally impressive. Your guide then takes you to have a wonderful lunch and then an opportunity for shopping or you may wish to visit the Butterfly Farm.
1 Maya site / lunch not included

Actun Tunichil Mucknal (min of 2 participants) - Full Day Tour
The cave of the Stone Sepulchre, displays some of the most spectacular limestone solution dripstone formations. We will walk for 45 minutes through the jungle before reaching the cave. At the entrance of the cave there's a short swim (life jackets are available).
Just saying the name 'Actun Tunichil Muknal' brings mysterious visions to mind. This showing of the Maya Underworld is not a usual visitors tour in the sense that you are not paying to walk through a cave. You are paying for the privilege of being among an untouched archeological site. Getting to the actual ritual site takes about one hour of jungle hiking, then swimming, wading and climbing in an underground river to get to the site. In respect of this sacred site rules must be followed. Shoes must be taken off at the site and it is important to wear socks through the chambers. Footsteps must be taken with great care so as to not step on and possibly crush the bones and artifacts within. Overnight tours are offered sometimes and visitors have told stories of strange noises and ghostly visions passing by and disappearing into the cave walls, leaving the observer chilled and in awe. Plunging stalactites reach down to meet jutting stalagmites and sparkling crystal glows though this grand cathedral. For those interested in cave exploration an Actun Tunichil Muknal tour is a must. 
Lunch provided.

Black Hole Drop (min of 2 participants) - Full Day Tour
The "Mother of all Caves" at the foothills of the Maya Mountains. The edge of the Actun Loch Tunich sink hole sits over 300 feet above the basin below, 200 feet above the rainforest canopy that grows out from the sink hole basin. Our fully trained caving guides rig a system of rappelling ropes for your decent to the basin below. Then a return hike out of the foothills and back to the camp.
The Black Hole Drop tour takes the adventurous traveller into the Maya Mountains to the top of a huge sink hole. Along the way you might spot all sorts of wild life or even a hummingbird's nest at the tip of a leaf. When you reach the top, you'll be lowered down into the vast remains of what was once an enormous cave. After a delicious meal of tortillas stuffed with fresh meat and veggies, more wonderous sights await you on the journey back.
Lunch, Water & Equipment included.

Barton Creek (min of 2 participants) - Full Day Tour
The trip starts with a drive through the picturesque Mennonite farm community to the Caves. Board a canoe and your guide will row you deep inside Barton Creek Cave. Sit back, relax and direct your candle lamp at the amazing formations inside the huge cave believed by the Maya to be the Underworld. Great Swimming spot. Lunch and then on to Green Hills Butterfly Ranch.

Night Walk
Walk or horseback ride during a beautiful night through Banana Bank grounds and jungle. Must have moonlight for horseback ride / no moon makes a better night walk to see more nocturnal animals.
Flash/headlamps provided.

Local Cultural & Capital Tour (min of 2 participants) - Half Day Tour
Belize is a cultural melting pot. You will visit Spanish Lookout, (the home of the German decent Mennonites), Creole villages on the Western Highway and Valley of Peace Your guide will also take you to Belmopan - the smallest Capital in the world !
A locally cooked lunch provided. 
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Trailblazer Jungle Ride
Tour Code: IT-BESR01B
8 days / 7 nights ~$0.00
Dates: Available all Year

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Difficulty : Riding Level (Click for legend) Lodging: Standard
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Non Riders Activities
Mayan Adventure Getaway
Jungle Explorer Getaway
Tack: Western Wintec, some English saddles o...
Horses: Spanish quarterhorse local breed mix
Pace: Moderate with lots of opportunities fo...
Walk, Trot, Canter, Gallop,
Airport: Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport (BZE)
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A Beginner
Beginner A rider who has limited experience, is unable to post the trot and does not canter.
B Novice
Novice A rider who is capable of mounting and dismounting unassisted, capable of applying basic aids, comfortable and in control at the walk, moderate length posting trots, and short canters.
C Intermediate
Intermediate A rider who has a firm seat, is confident and in control at all paces (including posting trots, two point canters and gallops), but does not ride regularly.
D Strong Intermediate
Strong Intermediate An intermediate rider who is currently riding regularly and is comfortable in the saddle for at least 6 hours per day.
E Advanced
All of the above, plus an independent seat, soft hands, and capable of handling a spirited horse in open country.
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