Horseback riding vacations in Catalonia

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Horseback riding vacations in Catalonia

Horseback riding tours

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Equestrian tours in Catalonia

Our equestrian tours in Catalonia

Horseback riding vacations in Catalonia

On horseback in Catalonia with Hidden Trails

The area is full of spectacular towns and villages, untouched by the passing of time, the architecture reflects the glories of times gone by. Catalonia is still full of wild unspoilt wildernesses waiting to be discovered. Barcelona is a bussing and fascinating Mediterranean city an interesting option to visit. Following the Pyrenees down to the coast there is the Ampurdan region. One of the wonders of Catalonia, undulating fields of olive groves, vineyards and sunflowers and fragrant Mediterranean pine forests. Here there is the Albera wine growing region that produces rich full bodied wines, that are an absolute delight. The gastronomy is an experience of its own, the meats, the game the fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, the Mediterranean cuisine. Catalonia is a country rich in history and culture. It is still an unknown corner of Spain a joy to explore.
Our trails in Catalonia are the ultimate way to discover the remote valleys, rolling plains, medieval villages and mountain streams with Andalusian horses and experienced guides. By starting in the hills at Sant Jaume de Llerca it is possible to head high into the mountains or down to the Mediterranean coast and beaches. The Catalonia Trails are more than just  trails, they are unique experiences.
When choosing the trails to highlight the many different faces of Catalonia, our aim was to introduce not only the breathtaking landscapes but also the regions history, culture, cuisine and wine and we believe over the years we’ve found the right balance. Every trail delivers high professional standards in a safe, relaxed environment.
These are some of the most popular rides with many return customers. The trail days are varied, in both the riding and the scenery, providing new experiences everyday, it is impossible for two trail days to be the same and with five superb trails to choose from.
“Life can be wonderfully simple, just enjoy what you do! That’s the spirit of these rides and the team of guides, cooks and support people, who are happy to share with all who visit.”

The Horses:
The horses are Spanish / Andalusian, all of which are sure footed, fit and well adapted to the requirements of the sometimes rough terrain. A great deal of time has been spent selecting and training the horses for these routes. Not too boisterous to be difficult, yet with enough spark to make an enjoyable ride. The horses are carefully matched to the ability of the rider.
The horses live outside all the year round, this helps to create a good psychologically balanced animal well adapted to the necessities of trail riding. The herd of horses also adapts well to the rhythm of a trail ride, travelling up to 30km a day from place to place as a wild herd would do when looking for food and water.

Natural horsemanship
This is a very important aspect of our training process. We use these methods when starting young horses and training experienced horses. Generally this philosophy is inherent in all of our handling of the horses when under the saddle, in the stable or on the trail ride.
The horse has to respond to the rider-handler of its own free will because it wants to and not due to pure obligation.
“What we achieve through these training methods is a well balanced content enthusiastic horse intent on collaborating with and pleasing its rider at all times”.


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