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Horseback riding vacations in Cyprus

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Equestrian tours in Cyprus

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Horseback riding vacations in Cyprus

Horse riding vacations in Cyprus

Fall in love with Aphrodite's isle – Cyprus – where legend has it the goddess of love arose from the waves.  Discover ancient UNESCO-listed sites, wonderful beaches and crystal clear waters.  You will experience the “real” Cyprus, on a horse vacation with Hidden Trails.  Our Aphrodite Trails horseback vacation will introduce you to the golden beaches, rugged coastlines, farming communities and mountain ranges of the region.  You will visit ancient Greek temples, Roman remains, Crusader castles and Byzantine churches on your horse tour through Cyprus.

Horse Riding in Cyprus
Although compact, this attractive island offers a rich variety of landscapes from pine-clad mountains to golden sandy beaches.  There is a great deal packed into a very small space of Cyprus, in the eastern Mediterranean. Not only does it abound with good beaches and holiday resorts, but its relatively tiny landmass is riddled with the relics of ancient history, from the beehive huts of primitive man to classical Greek and Roman ruins, and everything imaginable in-between, all your to explore on a horse vacation with Hidden Trails.

A thousand years is but a blip in time in the long history of Cyprus, but it was that long ago that the city of Nicosia (also known as Lefkosia) became its capital. Today Nicosia is unique in Europe because it is divided by the 'green line' that bisects the whole island, dividing north from south. The line, which serves as a United Nations peacekeeping buffer, was drawn in 1974 when the Turks invaded and took over the north. Most of the tourism development since then has taken place in the southern Government-controlled sector, and the political divide, even in Nicosia itself, has not dampened the island's appeal as a holiday Mecca.

The charms of Cyprus are many and varied. For a start the weather is sunny and dry for most of the year, and the encircling sea is blue, clear and enticing. There are modern luxury hotels in the coastal resort towns, historic restored city precincts to explore, tavernas and nightlife aplenty. Cyprus has remote picturesque mountain villages and monasteries, beautiful churches, Crusader castles and fascinating museums. The local people are extremely welcoming of tourists, happy to share with them their innate love of life and camaraderie. In Cyprus it is possible to mingle with crowds, or seek isolation off the beaten track as the mood takes, even in peak holiday season. For this reason the island is also a favored destination for honeymooners, a reputation enhanced by the fact that legend has it that Cyprus was where Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love, rose from the sea.

Cyprus has undergone significant modernization following its entry into the European Union. A modern country with an ancient history, its stone villages, glitzy resorts, scented citrus groves and perfumed mountains are waiting to be discovered.

Horseback ride along surprising mountain ranges to encounter Greek temples, Roman ruins, Byzantine churches and Crusader castles. Follow the Aphrodite Trail  to find your perfect horse riding holiday!

Cyprus Weather and Climate
Cyprus enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with abundant sunshine year round. Summers can reach 28 °C, while winters barely drop below 11 °C.

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