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Horseback riding vacations in Germany

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Equestrian tours in Germany

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Horseback riding vacations in Germany

Horse riding vacations in GermanyGermany horse riding holidays are a time to experience new things, have fun and relax. In Germany you will discover vibrant cities with amazing architecture, fabulous shopping and pulsating nightlife. Outside of the major German cities you will find enchanting medieval villages and traditional wine villages with friendly festivals and regional specialties.  Hidden Trails have some of Germany’s top horseback vacations – including castle explorations, riding clinics and river trekking.

Germany is a land of hidden gems - picturesque countryside perfect for walking, cycling and horseback riding or simply relaxing in. There are many castles, palaces and abbeys, all epitomizing German romanticism. You will find German people enjoy having fun, playing sport and cherish wellness and relaxation. Germany really is a land of a thousand possibilities.

With stunning landscapes, exciting cities and priceless art treasures, as well as rapidly developing tourist facilities in its five eastern states unified, Germany offers more than ever before.


Horse Riding in Germany

Germany is a land of many contrasts; compare the industrialized North to the traditional mountain regions of the South. Next to the Mosel and Rhine River vineyard valleys, the Black Forest is one of Germany's best known areas abroad. It has become of symbol of romance and beautiful natural environment in this highly sophisticated country. Germany has a long horseback riding tradition, producing many world champions in jumping and dressage events.

Hidden Trails offers dedicated and professional instructions at  Black Forest Equestrian Centers

Warm summer evenings will find you sitting on a veranda with a stein of good beer or a delicate glass of lovely wine, talking over the horseback riding adventures of the day and reminiscing about the tastiness of the evening meal, listening to the voices of the nearby forest, slowly inhaling the aroma of wildflowers, until finally sleep gets the better of you. It's time to turn in, to sink deeply into clouds of down bedding, to take a last whiff of the sun-dried, fresh linen, to dream of tomorrow's equestrian adventure.

German Climate and Weather

German weather is relatively mild.  From May to mid-October it is lovely, with warm days and mild evenings.  Rains can occur anytime throughout the year, but in summer it does not generally last for a long time.  Winters can be cold, dropping to freezing point in the west, and well below freezing in the east.

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