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Horseback riding vacations in Ireland

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Equestrian tours in Ireland

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Horseback riding vacations in Ireland

Horse riding vacations in Ireland

Horseback riding is big in Ireland and Hidden Trails has found some of the best horseback vacations for you. Ireland is home to the famed Connemara ponies (originating from the region of the same name), and the country's Irish Hunters are equally acclaimed. Regionally, the Irish countryside has a lot to offer - Kerry's highlands promise mountain tracks and beach horse rides; whilst the Donegal area is famed for its stunning country farms and hunting opportunities. Ireland also abounds with history and heritage, and many people travel there to reconnect with their distant Irish heritage Join us in Ireland for the horse riding holiday of a lifetime!

Horse Riding in Ireland

The ‘Emerald Isle’ has a long and established horse riding history, and is one of the best places to experience the joys of unbounded countryside riding.  You’ll find many of our Irish horse riding vacations involve rides in the rolling Irish countryside, often across farmlands. 

Many local horse breeds are featured in our Irish horse rides, including the Irish Hunter, Irish Cob and Connemara.

Horse riding opportunities in Ireland are diverse and varied, and cater for all levels of rider – from beginners to seasoned equestrians.

In the areas of Connemara, Galway and Kerry, you will find some excellent coastal and hill trail riding.  These areas also abound with historic buildings, mountain ranges and long sandy beaches.

Those looking for a luxury horse riding vacation may wish to try Castle Leslie, in Monaghan. This secluded 1000 acre estate is one of only 30 Irish castles still run by the original family. Here you can relax in 4-star comfort, explore the countryside on horse back, or embark on an exhilarating cross country ride on the estates own cross country course.

Ireland Culture and Climate

Ireland has a unique cultural identity – one that they strongly defend and uphold. Separated from the United Kingdom by a stretch of sea, this fiercely independent island nation has a population of slightly under 6 million.

With a strong and vibrant Celtic heritage, the Irish possess a flair for story telling, music and literature. They also possess a lust for life, undeniable friendliness and strong affection for their national drink – Guinness.

Tourists flock to Ireland every year to enjoy the delights of the green countryside and historical monuments.  Dublin, the capital, is also a very popular tourist destination – rich in literature, arts, and heritage.

Ireland has an average annual temperature in winter of around 9°C, whilst in the summer the average is around 20°C.  Known affectionately as the “Emerald Isle” Ireland does experience high rainfall (but that just adds to its magnificent greenery!).  Because of Ireland’s high latitude, in the height of summer you can expect up to 19 hours of sunlight a day; whilst in the winter expect as little as 9 hours. 

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