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Horseback riding vacations in Turkey

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Equestrian tours in Turkey

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Horseback riding vacations in Turkey

Horse riding vacations in Turkey

Turkey is a country steeped in tradition, with an exotic past, and unique geographical location.  It is in fact the only country in the world to sit astride two continents – fusing together the East and the West.  This cultural uniqueness is reflected in its history and people, and makes Turkey and exciting place to embark on a horse riding holiday.  Partly mountainous, partly Mediterranean and coastal, Turkey offers a diverse array of horseback vacations.

Horse Riding in Turkey

Hidden Trails offers several horse riding holidays in Turkey, each with their own unique appeal. 

Most of the rides take place in the stunning region of Cappadocia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ride through beautiful valleys dotted with impressive rock formations and ancient villages.

The Taurus Mountains are another popular riding destinations, with beautiful mountain landscapes by the Mediterranean Sea.

Our newest ride takes place on the Mediterranean Coast, in the province of Mugla. Explore the historical site of Kaunos and ride to the famous Dalyan lagoon on the back of fit Arabian horses.

Turkey History and Culture

The Turkish people first arrived here in the Middle Ages, as Nomads from Central Asia. Before then Turkey was Byzantine, and modern day Istanbul (then Constantinople) was an important political center for the Christian empire. Romans, Persians, Lycians and Phrygians were all former occupants of the same territory, and earlier still, Hittite tribes had built an Anatolian empire before collapsing around the time of the Trojan Wars.

Such a rich history has left an indelible mark and Turkey abounds with historic sites and archaeological wonders set in a varied and beautiful landscape. The Mediterranean coastline is punctuated with well-preserved Greco-Roman cities such as Pergamom and Ephesus, while the austere and rugged Anatolian plateau has cave churches hidden away in the improbable fairytale landscape of Cappadocia. Istanbul, still very much the pulse of the nation, has even more to offer, with Roman aqueducts, Byzantine churches and Ottoman mosques and palaces.

The modern republic's first leader, Kemal Atatürk, saw to it that Turkey was reinvented as a modern secular state following the demise of the Ottoman Empire. What you see today, thanks to Atatürk's comprehensive modernization, is a healthy combination of ancient tradition and contemporary outlook. This outlook sees little contradiction in having modern European ways tempered by Islam and time-honored traditions of hospitality.

Turkey Weather and Climate

Turkey essentially experiences an 8-9 month summer, with the average yearly temperature sitting around 16 ° C.  In the hottest summer months (July and August) temperatures can rise to 28 ° C, whilst October is milder, at around 21 ° C.  November is still relatively warm, at about 16° C, and the coldest winter months (December to March) hardly drop below 12° C.  

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