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Horseback riding vacations in Scotland

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Equestrian tours in Scotland

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Horseback riding vacations in Scotland

Horse riding vacations in Scotland, Great Britain

Scotland is one of the United Kingdom’s most charismatic locations.  Honed by a long competition with its English neighbors, Scotland has survived encroachment, invasions and even the weather, and today holds its place as a top notch tourist destination.  Experiencing Scotland on horseback is a superb way to come face to face with Scottish culture and landscape. Cherish moments spent on deserted coasts, or beside misty lochs. Hidden Trails Scottish horseback riding vacations promise a true Scotland experience!

Horse Riding in Scotland
Since it was first inhabited, the Scots have had a deep affinity with the land and the rural way of life.  Scotland’s famed highlands, forests, rugged coasts and deep glassy lochs are all discoverable on horseback.

Our Scottish Highland horse treks showcase the stunning, rugged beauty that is so critical to Scotland’s identity.  Meet friendly locals, learn about the local clans, and visit medieval chapels which hold an important role in Scotland’s history.

Scotland History and Culture
Scottish people have always been fiercely loyal, despite their integration with England and the formation of the United Kingdom.  Scotland has managed to maintain a unique cultural identity and even today many people still relate strongly to their clanship roots.  Tourists too visit Scotland in their droves to reconnect with their Scottish heritage and procure a piece of their Scottish clan tartan!

Much of Scotland is rural, exemplified by wild, beautiful mountain peaks and deep glassy lakes.

There are also cosmopolitan hubs like Edinburgh and Glasgow with thriving arts and music scenes and world-famous annual events, like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and yearly Edinburgh Comedy Festival.

Scotland Climate and Weather
Scotland is generally colder than the rest of the UK, especially in the more northerly regions. The west tends to be wetter and warmer than the cool, dry east. In upland areas, snow is common in winter, and fog and mist may occur at any time of year. 

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