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MultiSport vacations in Belize, Belize Coast



MultiSport tours in Belize, Belize Coast
Glovers Reef & River of Caves

What to Bring for Glovers Reef & River of Caves

When traveling to Belize it is best to travel with one larger check-in bag and one carry-on bag.  We recommend a medium duffle bag and a medium day pack as a carry-on.  These bags are easy to move around, can be toted easily, fit in boats, small planes, and van/bus roof racks.  Backpacks can work too; do try to avoid large suitcases.  While on tour with Island Expeditions, our staff will instruct you on how to prepare for travel between locations and we will provide storage for extra bags in our Dangriga office when necessary.  Most airlines have reduced the weight maximums for each bag to 50 pounds.  Be sure to check with your airline for weight restrictions and carry-on allowances.  When packing your carry-on try to include what you would need to be comfortable in Belize your first few days in case your checked baggage is misrouted by the airline.

It is recommended you have one small waterproof bag for your documents, camera, etc., that you can carry in the cockpit of your kayak and have handy on motorboat trips.  It is especially important that electronic equipment such as digital cameras, video cameras, etc. is fully waterproofed, especially on the boat ride to and from the atoll.  For the motor charter to Glover’s Reef we recommend you pack your clothing in garbage bags INSIDE your duffle bag/packsack/suitcase since the boat ride out to Glover’s can be wet.  Our luggage is stored in a water resistant area in the boat but it is not 100% waterproof and thus we recommend this extra waterproofing precaution for your luggage.

NO NEED TO CARRY ALL YOUR LUGGAGE OUT TO GLOVER’S: Please leave at our Operations Base in Dangriga one bag with a change of clothes and other items you will not need with you while at Glover’s Reef.  As we load from our vehicle on to the boat on Tuesday morning you can leave your stay-behind bag with your guide and it will be stored in a locked storage area.  Once you come off the reef this bag will be waiting for you.  Ensure your name is clearly marked on your bag and that you do not leave any passports, money, electronics, or other valuables in your bag.  These items should travel with you to take care of.  PLEASE NOTE: We cannot be deemed responsible for people’s personal property while traveling.  There are a variety of luggage and personal property insurance policies available to purchase.

Personal Packing List
•Photocopy of passport
•Air tickets
•Favorite snacks for between meals
•Personal spending and emergency funds
•1 extra set of clothes for flight home
•1 pair light running shoes for around camp
•1 pair watersport sandals or water shoes (Teva’s or Keens are a good choice)
•1 or 2 pair lightweight quick-dry long pants
•2-3 pairs of socks
•2 pair quick-dry nylon shorts and/or loose skirt or sarong
•1 bathing suit
•3 t-shirts - looking for a great t-shirt to wear on your trip?  Be sure to check out our brand new collection of Island Expeditions’ Tees, which can be viewed and purchased online.
•2 long sleeved shirts preferably with a collar (for protection from the sun & bugs).  Silk shirts work well and dry quickly
•1 fleece jacket or wool sweater (this will keep you warm even when wet)
•1 good quality rain jacket
•1 wide brimmed sunhat (to keep the sun off your face and neck)
•Sunglasses with band (Chums, Croakies, etc.)
•1 bandana (handy for sun protection)
•Spare set of eyeglasses (even if you wear contact lenses) and contact lens solution
•1 headlamp and spare batteries
•Mask, fins, snorkel *IMPORTANT*.  Please click here for more information on snorkel gear
•Shortie wet suit, especially for kids (not essential but water temperatures in Dec. and Jan. can be cooler)
•Capilene or polypropylene, or silk long underwear (great for snorkeling)
•1 liter water bottle
•1 TOWEL (either a small camp towel or thin beach towel)
•Personal toiletries
•Personal medication and prescriptions
•Small personal First Aid Kit: i.e. Band-Aids, aspirin/Tylenol, scissors, tweezers, safety pins
•Sunscreen - Please click here for more information on biodegradable reef-friendly sunblock & soap.  We do highly recommend the use of environmental products if you are certain the product does work for you
•Biodegradable soap - Please click here for more information on biodegradable products
•Vaseline, Aloe Vera lotion, or skin care cream
•Caladryl/After Bite/Benadryl Cream or lotion to ease itching from bug bites
•Insect repellent (20 - 100% Deet)
•2 to 3 garbage bags - serves as extra waterproofing protection and keeps wet gear separate
•Earplugs if you are a light sleeper or sensitive to wave noise and animal/bird sounds

Optional Packing List
•Camera equipment - waterproof or waterproof throw-away camera
•Bug jacket
•Skin-So-Soft Avon used as repellent
•Handy Wipe moist tissues for hands and face and/or waterless bacterial cleanser
•Toilet paper for emergency travels
•Good reading book, log book, and pen
•Wine or favorite liquor
•Small day-pack (can be handy on any of our trips)
•Mesh bag for carrying snorkel gear
•Fishing rod and tackle
•Art supplies, sketching tools, or water colors
•1 pair light cotton gloves/bike gloves (for protection from the sun/blisters when paddling)
•Foot powder
•Waterproof watch
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Glovers Reef & River of Caves
Tour Code: ZZ-BESK07
8 days / 7 nights ~$2,500.00
Dates: Jan-Apr & Nov-Dec

Trip Rating :
Level : Fitness Level
Difficulty Levels Explained
1. Easy
Easy pace and an average-to-sedentary level of fitness. You should be in good health and fit enough for full day of normal sightseeing and walking.
2. Easy to Moderate
An average level of fitness or some experience with the featured activity is recommended.
3. Moderate
Requires you to have performed the featured activity regularly, with some periods on challenging terrain. Activities are mandatory and you may be traveling at high elevations. You need to be in good health and physical condition to enjoy these trips, with adequate muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance.
4. Demanding
You must be extremely physically fit and are expected to hike or ride four to six hours over steep or more rugged terrain.
5. Strenuous
Prolonged hiking/biking on moderate to difficult terrain (five to nine hours a day).
May include high altitude, rugged terrain etc..
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Airport: Belize International Airport (BZE)
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