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Horseback riding vacations in Uruguay

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Equestrian tours in Uruguay

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Meeting: Montevideo
Airport:   Carrasco International Airport (MVD)       Train station:   --
Transfer: Carrasco International Airport (MVD) or hotel in Montevideo    Distance: 130km

Pickup/ drop off available from Carrasco International Airport (MVD).

Tack: Western tack with small saddle bags
Horses: Purebred Arabians
Pace: 6 days riding with 4-5 hours per day in the saddle.
| Walk | Trot | Canter |
Level: Riding Level (Click for legend) (3 to 5 out of 5)    Intermediate
Age: Min 16 Max 75
Weight: Max 190 lbs
Riders: Min 2 riders Max 8 riders
Riding helmets are mandatory for this ride.

Riding Experience
This trip has been designed for good intermediate to advanced riders only. We ask all riders to have a firm and balanced seat, had formal riding lessons to master the basic horse riding aids and skills, be confident and capable to control a fit and forward going horse at all paces (including long stretches of posting trot and gallops) in open, varied, sometimes challenging country and to be able to mount and dismount unassisted. For safety reasons we reserve the right to prevent a client from riding if we feel they do not fulfill any of the above competence levels.
Guests can offer to help with the horses and get their horse ready in the morning, saddle / unsaddle and wash & clean up the horse and tack, if they want (always supervised), but this is by no means compulsory or expected.

Except for the first riding day (2-3 hours), all day rides are 3 to 5 hours long. This is broken up by lunch (minimum 1 hour) and sometimes an extra refreshment stop. Horses are unsaddled for lunch. After each stop, riders lead the horses for a few minutes to loosen the horses' (and the riders') muscles before mounting. Ride pace is varied and moderate and allows fast canters and galloping.
On the hottest summer days, we start the rides very early in the morning and return early afternoon to spend the afternoons relaxing near the swimming pool. Ride pace is adjusted to weather and terrain conditions (slower pace in hot, humid and / or wet weather, slippery trails).

We have 8 thoroughbred Arabians. Their ages vary between 6 and 10 years old. They live outside in the herd year-round and are occasionally stabled in bad weather. The horses are schooled and well trained for long distance trail riding. They are forward going, spirited, responsive and in excellent condition. Some of the horses are suitable for intermediate riders and some are only for advanced riders. Every effort is made to match horse and rider.

Tack is of a very high standard and kept in good condition. All our saddles are American Western leather style. Small saddlebag to carry water bottle (supplied), personal items for the day, lunch on some days.

Weight Limit
Maximum weight is 85 kilos. Advanced riders up to 90 kilos will be considered depending on their height.
For the horses sake, it is important that you give us your accurate weight (even if you are not close to the weight limit) because of the size and light frame of our Arabian horses, the pace of our rides, the hot weather in summer and the partly steep terrain. We plan our groups carefully according to the rider abilities and weight so that is it suitable for the horses and more enjoyable for you!

Rides go into remote and isolated areas, with limited mobile phone reception and assistance from third parties not immediately available. The guide carries a special mobile phone for regional areas.
Riding helmets must be worn at all time while riding.
In case of severe weather warnings (severe rain or storms) and local bush fire danger we may be unable to go out riding due to safety concerns. We will try to arrange an alternative program for you whenever possible (Wine Tasting Tour, Jose Ignacio tour).

International guests must have adequate medical and travel insurance.

Non-riders are accepted but it is recommended that they have a rental car to explore the area. They can sometimes travel with the support vehicle to the lunch spot.

Passport and Visa Requirements: Valid passport required by all nationals referred to in the chart.Not required by nationals referred to in the chart above except: 1. nationals of Estonia who do need a visa (please note that national. more
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Éden's Luxury Escape
Tour Code: IT-URG02
8 days / 7 nights ~$2,800.00
Dates : Available all Year, except June/ July

Difficulty : Riding Level
Riding Level Explained
Beginner A rider who has limited experience, is unable to post the trot and does not canter.
Novice A rider who is capable of mounting and dismounting unassisted, capable of applying basic aids, comfortable and in control at the walk, moderate length posting trots, and short canters.
Intermediate A rider who has a firm seat, is confident and in control at all paces (including posting trots, two point canters and gallops), but does not ride regularly.
D Strong Intermediate
Strong Intermediate An intermediate rider who is currently riding regularly and is comfortable in the saddle for at least 6 hours per day.
All of the above, plus an independent seat, soft hands, and capable of handlinga spirited horse in open country.
Lodging: Standard
Lodging Level Explained
= Facilities in lodges, estancias, haciendas, resorts, etc.
Basic lodging - some with shared bathroom facilities, usually no AC or room service.
Regular standard room - usually with private bath.
 Accommodations with superior comforts.
 = Trips with nights in tent camps. Sometimes the first and last night are in hotels.
Basic tent camping - everyone helps out with camp chores.
Regular standard with some camp amenities and camp cook.
Camping facilities with superior comforts like camp shower, bathroom facility..
 = Trips that combine nights in hotels and camping.
Basic accommodation and basic camping facilities can be expected.
Regular standard with some nicer amenities.
Only assigned to hotel and camping facilities with superior comforts.

Online Reservation

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Season Tour Dates  Min / MaxReserve
A 2020 08/27 - 09/03 8d / 7n 8 day trip, AP 2 /8 Expired
B 2020 08/28 - 09/03 7d / 6n 7 day trip, AP 2 /8 Expired
A 2020 09/17 - 09/24 8d / 7n 8 day trip, AP 2 /8 Expired
B 2020 09/18 - 09/24 7d / 6n 7 day trip, AP 2 /8 Expired
A 2020 10/22 - 10/29 8d / 7n 8 day trip, AP 2 /8 Reserve
B 2020 10/23 - 10/29 7d / 6n 7 day trip, AP 2 /8 Reserve
A 2020 11/19 - 11/26 8d / 7n 8 day trip, AP 2 /8 Reserve
B 2020 11/20 - 11/26 7d / 6n 7 day trip, AP 2 /8 Reserve
A 2020 12/10 - 12/17 8d / 7n 8 day trip, AP 2 /8 Reserve
B 2020 12/11 - 12/17 7d / 6n 7 day trip, AP 2 /8 Reserve
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Tack: Western tack with small saddle bags
Horses: Purebred Arabians
Pace: 6 days riding with 4-5 hours per day i...
Walk, Trot, Canter,
Airport: Carrasco International Airport (MVD)
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