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Horseback riding vacations in Canada, British Columbia

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Equestrian tours in Canada, British Columbia
Chilko Explorer and Pack Trip Combo

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Meeting: Chilko Lake
Airport:   Vancouver International Airport (YVR)       Train station:   --
Transfer: South Terminal Signature Building   

Charter flight is not optional.
Check-in at South Airport in Vancouver for 8:50am on Day 1. Return by 1:00pm to Vancouver on last day. Do not book a return flight before 3:30pm.

Tack: Western
Horses: Quarter, Arab, Appaloosa, Paint, Draft and Thoroughbred
Pace: Slow with steep slopes. 4-6 hours in the saddle per day.
Level: Riding Level (Click for legend) (3 to 3 out of 5)    Intermediate
Weight: Max 200 lbs
Riders: Min 4 riders Max 10 riders

Riding Experience
All riders must be physically fit, able to mount and dismount both sides of a horse, walk, trot, canter, and saddle up.

Wild Potato Range
This trip requires intermediate to advanced riding skills. The riding is primarily walking due to the terrain, but for the last two days the camp is transported by vehicle which offers the riders some opportunities to trot and canter depending on the group. On one day during the trip, you will hike down a steep mountain leading your horse for about 45 minutes. Rides each day are from 4.5- 6.5 hours per day.

Goat Camp Wilderness
This trip requires low intermediate to advanced riding skills. The majority of the trip is spent walking your horse, due to the rough terrain, except the last day back to the Lodge where there is some trotting and cantering. Rides range from 9-10 hours the first day and 4-6 hours daily the rest of the trip.

Lodge Ride
Rides are from 10-25 km longs and are from 4 -6 hours in duration. Our daily rides from the lodge offer a variety of excellent riding experiences. Explore the Chilcotin Plateau, which offers open grasslands, rolling hills, numerous small lakes, adjacent mountain peaks with unmatched vistas and a couple of hundred miles of riding trails. Tree riding is a big part of your week. We like to take some of our exciting windy trails at a fast trot or slow canter; we even named one of our rides as the "roller coaster". It is great for stretching your ability and improving your confidence. It is a lot of fun and we know that you will love it! 

Our horses are well trained and excellent traveling companions in the mountains. Born and raised in the Chilcotin, they are connected with the terrain and are confident, sure footed and dependable. We are proud of our horses and can easily say that they are some of the most accomplished mountain horses anywhere. You will love them. They are personable, trustworthy, and know how to do their job. The horses are a mixture of many different breeds (Quarter, Arab, Draft, Appaloosa, Paints, Morgan) and they have been chosen for their disposition, willingness and agreeable personalities.

We match you up with a horse that suits your personality and riding ability. Each horse comes with two saddle blankets, Western saddle, bridle, halter, lead rope and a set of saddle bags for you to carry light-weight items needed during the day. Your horse will take good care of you on your journey and, in turn, you will help take of your horse. Your horse will appreciate a good brushing in the morning and at the end of the day when you pull off your saddle. You are going to find that you will quickly bond with your horse. We all work together to ensure that the horses have plenty of sweet mountain grasses to eat and cold spring water to drink. Your horse trail guide will stake, hobble or free range the horses in the evening on meadows of excellent alpine grasses.

Pack Horses
We use pack horses to carry our food and supplies into the mountains. Each pack horse has a special pack saddle and we use the traditional “sawbuck pack saddle”.  Each horse carries a set of pack boxes which hold the food and cooking gear, plus two tents and three duffel bags. To secure the load and keep the packs dry, we cover the load with a tarp and secure it using the “Michigan Hitch”, a tried and true method of keeping the pack nice and tight. Usually three to five pack horses accompany us on a trip. Of course, this depends on the size of the group.

Two trail guides will be accompanying you on your horse journey through the mountains.  Both guides are skilled horsemen, as well as experienced in horse riding in the mountains and wilderness. They love the outdoors and have absolute commitment to safety and attention to detail to give you peace of mind and a rewarding adventure. Each guide brings different skills and talents to the trip. One guide is in charge of the group, horses, horse packing, wood, water, fire, and grass, while the other guide is in charge of the camp, food preparation, packing of the cook boxes, and the care, organization, and cleanliness of the camp.  Each horse trail guide can step into the others position and help you or each other during the trip. 

Passport and Visa Requirements: Passport valid for at least one day beyond the intended departure date from Canada required by all nationals referred to in the chart except the following: (a) 1. Canadian citizens holding a Canadian . more
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Chilko Explorer and Pack Trip Combo
Tour Code: RTBC08
15 days / 14 nights
Dates : July & August

Trip Rating :
Difficulty : Riding Level
Riding Level Explained
Beginner A rider who has limited experience, is unable to post the trot and does not canter.
Novice A rider who is capable of mounting and dismounting unassisted, capable of applying basic aids, comfortable and in control at the walk, moderate length posting trots, and short canters.
Intermediate A rider who has a firm seat, is confident and in control at all paces (including posting trots, two point canters and gallops), but does not ride regularly.
D Strong Intermediate
Strong Intermediate An intermediate rider who is currently riding regularly and is comfortable in the saddle for at least 6 hours per day.
All of the above, plus an independent seat, soft hands, and capable of handlinga spirited horse in open country.
Lodging: Standard
Lodging Level Explained
= Facilities in lodges, estancias, haciendas, resorts, etc.
Basic lodging - some with shared bathroom facilities, usually no AC or room service.
Regular standard room - usually with private bath.
 Accommodations with superior comforts.
 = Trips with nights in tent camps. Sometimes the first and last night are in hotels.
Basic tent camping - everyone helps out with camp chores.
Regular standard with some camp amenities and camp cook.
Camping facilities with superior comforts like camp shower, bathroom facility..
 = Trips that combine nights in hotels and camping.
Basic accommodation and basic camping facilities can be expected.
Regular standard with some nicer amenities.
Only assigned to hotel and camping facilities with superior comforts.

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Tack: Western
Horses: Quarter, Arab, Appaloosa, Paint, Draft...
Pace: Slow with steep slopes. 4-6 hours in t...

Airport: Vancouver International Airport (YVR)
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